Yesterday’s Message for Today’s Church | Revelation 3:20-22

September 24, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 3:20-22 |


Yesterday's Message for Today's Church

Revelation 3:20-22

Honest View

  1. Jesus knows & cares about your church.
  2. What Jesus thinks of your church is what matters.

“Is our church Biblically healthy?”

  1. His evaluation matters more than your feelings.
  2. A church can be outwardly successful, but a spiritual disaster.

Prophetic View

  1. Center of Prophecy is Jesus Christ.
  2. Church have a primary part in history & prophecy.
  3. These 7 churches allow us to see “the church” throughout history.
  4. When church is gone, it will be Hell on Earth.

Practical View

  1. The ministry of the Holy Spirit & the Sufficiency of Scripture is enough for any church in any circumstance to be victorious.
  2. Judgement appears as a loss of Gospel witness & Holy influence.
  3. We must repent for disobedience, worldliness, self-sufficiency, and lack of compassion towards the lost.
  4. What would Jesus say to our church? What would Jesus say to our to You?

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