Pride Month Resources

Resources to help you and your family answer LGBTQ+ propaganda and indoctrination. Rosaria Butterfield and Christopher Yuan: The Christian Sexual Ethic (Seminar) Homosexuality and Transgenderism-Voddie Baucham Beyond the Rhetoric Applying Biblical Truth to the Homosexual Debate: Modern Sodom – Voddie Baucham Pastors Sam Ketcher and Kelly Greene interview Stephen Black (part 1 & 2)… Read More ›

Gifts for All Ladies | Simmons’ Missionary Moment

Interested in the next step of Church Membership? Sign up in the lobby today! Eddy & Amanda Simmons Missionary Find Your Grow Group – Wednesday & Thursday & Saturday Groups available.  Mother’s Day Many people find Mother’s Day difficult or awkward for a multitude of reasons. Whatever your situation, we want you to know you… Read More ›