What Membership Means

What Membership Means

1- Have a Relationship With God

Hardin Valley Church is a family of people who have put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. If you have never made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, it is the most important decision you can ever make, and we would be thrilled to talk to you about it and personally explain what the Bible says about how you can know for sure you are on your way to Heaven when this life is over. If we can talk to you about this, please contact us today, or you can find out more about this important decision here.

2- Understand Our Purpose and Beliefs

Hardin Valley Church is a biblical Free Will  Baptist church united in our purpose to love God, grow together in Christ, and serve others. You can find out more about our purpose here. We are also united in our belief about basic truths from the Bible. You can read about the Bible truths we teach and believe here. Our church covenant is below.

3- Three Ways to Join the Hardin Valley Family

Baptism after Salvation:

After you have accepted Christ as your personal Saviour, you may follow God’s simple command of being baptized. Baptism is not necessary for salvation; it is simply a public testimony of your faith. As you follow Christ in baptism, you can be added as a member of Hardin Valley FWB Church upon completion of our new members class.

Statement of Faith or Transfer of Letter:

If you have already accepted Christ and have been baptized in a Bible-believing church whose doctrine is in agreement with Hardin Valley Church, you may present your testimony of salvation and be voted into membership by your statement of faith or transfer of membership from another Bible-believing church. You may do this by  speaking with a pastor during the invitation, after a service, or calling during the week.  You can be added as a member of Hardin Valley FWB Church upon completion of our new members class.

Statement of Faith by Baptism:

If you have accepted Christ and have not been baptized in a church of like faith, you will be asked to publicly identify with Christ and the Bible-believing Church by being baptized into our membership. Hardin Valley FWB Church is committed to maintaining a doctrinal unity in this day of confusion and doctrinal compromise. If you believe that God has led you to this church, and if you understand that baptism is simply a testimony of your faith, we invite you to identify with Christ and the Hardin Valley Church by being baptized as the Lord leads you. You can be added as a member of Hardin Valley FWB Church upon completion of our new members class.

Hardin Valley Church Covenant

Having given ourselves to God by faith in Jesus Christ and adopted the Word of God as our rule of faith and practice, we now give ourselves to each other by the help of God.

We solemnly covenant before God that we will carefully observe the commandments implied by a confession of faith, and in the spirit of meekness, rebuke and admonish those who have gone astray, and watch over each other’s reputation and use our influence to the upbuilding of the church and for the advancement of the cause of Christ, endeavoring to seek the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace, and to confess our faults one to another, and to strengthen those that are weak.

We promise that by the help of God we will faithfully practice family and secret prayer, and strive to cultivate the doctrine of God’s revealed Word in the minds of those under our care.

We also agree to use our influence for the support of the Gospel and to contribute liberally to aid the ministry according to our several abilities. Also, we agree to be liberal with those that are afflicted and needy, and especially those of the household of faith.

We also agree to attend all regular meetings regularly if not providentially hindered and submit to all ordinances implied in a Profession of Faith.

We also agree to abstain from all sinful amusements.

We also agree to abstain from all intoxicating liquors and not to use it as a beverage, nor to aid or assist in the manufacture of such nor to furnish it to others.

We also agree to encourage home and foreign missions, education, Sabbath schools, good morals, and everything that is to the glory of God and to the welfare of men.

May the God of peace sanctify us wholly and preserve us blameless until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may be happily admitted into the Kingdom of God, may ascribe honor unto the Lamb forever. Amen.

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