Who Can Have Revival? | Psalm 138:1-8

March 3, 2024 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 138:1-8 |

Who Can Have Revival?

Psalm 138:1-8

1. God Revives Those who Confess Spiritual Failure in their Lives

Revival presupposes failure.

It is only those who admit failure and fainting whom God truly revives.

Prayerlessness - Luke 18:1

If a man is not praying, he is fainting. The word “to faint” here is “to cave in” or “to break down.”

E.M. Bounds, the great prophet of prayer, said:

“Every revival of which we have any record has been bathed in prayer.”

Fearfulness - Hebrews 12:3-4

“to faint” means “to relax,” or “to let out rope.”

Barrenness - Galatians 6:9

to faint or relax is to be barren, to lose the fruitfulness of harvest.

2. God Revives Those Who Express Practical Faith in their Lives

God of Personal Revival

God of Purposeful Revival

God of Powerful Revival

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