His Message, Our Mission | Matthew 18:11–12; Luke 4:18–19

March 10, 2024 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 18:11–12; Luke 4:18–19 |

His Message, Our Mission

Matthew 18:11–12Luke 4:18–19

What Was His Mission?

Who are the Lost?

  1. Any person in violation of God’s moral law.
  2. Any person who doesn't know the truth about Christ, His saving work, or His saving message.
  3. Any person who knows, but rejects His claims on their life.

What does Christ want to do for them?

He is Seeking the Lost

He wants to Save the Lost

What is His message?

  1. Preach the gospel to the poor
  2. Proclaim spiritual release to the captives
  3. Provide recovery of spiritual sight to the blind
  4. Proclaim freedom those who are spiritually oppressed

What is our response?

  1. If we are LOST we should repent and surrender our lives to His truth.
  2. As the church, we should have Compassion on the lost.
  3. As the church, we should HELP get them to Christ.
  4. I will pray and INVITE.

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