The Characters Around The Cross – Part 2 | Matthew 27:26–44

March 31, 2024 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 27:26–44 |

The Characters Around The Cross - Part 2

Matthew 27:26–44

Palm Sunday Passages

Luke 19:28–38 ; Mark 11:9–10

3. The people and the passers-by - they mocked and abused Jesus (vs 39-40)

The passers-by mocked Christ for two things:

  1. His claim to have the power to destroy and rebuild the temple (Matthew 26:60-61)
  2. His claim to be the Son of God (Matthew 26:64).

4. There were the religionists and government leaders - they mocked and taunted Christ (vs.41-43).

These leaders ridiculed the four major claims of Christ:

1. He was the Savior

2. He was the King

3. He was the Son of Man who trusted God perfectly

4. He was the Son of God

5. There were the criminals - they mocked Christ (vs.44).

5 Great Truths

1. Men still don’t love God. “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

2. Men still don’t understand the penalty of sin or the way to heaven.

3. There are many who hate and revile Jesus Christ.

4. We must take up our Cross daily for Him.

5. The message of Christ’s death and resurrection must become the passion of our lives.

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