What Your “One” and Everyone Needs to Hear

March 17, 2019 ()

Bible Text: John 4:19–26 |


What Your "One" and Everyone Needs to Hear

Our lives should be about finding the ones Jesus loves and giving them the gospel.

Review the Passage

This Woman is an outcast, immoral, ignorant, and indifferent.

This Woman was unloved.

This Woman was lost.

Luke 5:32  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.


Salvation is an act of obedient worship and True Worship begins with confessing Jesus as Lord - MacArthur

What They Need to Hear and Know

They Need the Love of Christ.

They Need Confrontation.

They Need the Law.

The law is not a checklist to do to be right with God, it is a mirror to show us how much we have sinned.

They Need Conviction.

They Need Direction.

They Need the Truth.

True worship is always about loving God, honoring God, obeying God, serving God from the heart, from the heart. - MacArthur

We worship God as He is revealed to us. – Father, Son, Spirit.

Without the Word, you don’t know how to Worship.

What Sinners need is to know WHO God is


In response to her faith and repentance, God reveals Himself to her.


Who in your life does Jesus want you to “find”?

Who are your praying for to come to Christ?

Have You ever received Christ’s offer for forgiveness?



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