What Happens When We Encounter the Christ Child?

December 30, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 2:25–35 |

Luke 2:25–35

What difference does it make to encounter Jesus Christ?

"The consolation of Israel” means the messianic hope.

This is the fifth and last of the “Christmas songs” in Luke. (Elizabeth, 1:42–45; Mary, 1:46–56; Zacharias, 1:67–79; the angels, 2:13–14).

It is first of all a worship hymn.

It is also a salvation hymn: “For mine eyes have seen Thy salvation” (Luke 2:30).

The word depart in the Greek has several meanings

It means to release a prisoner, to untie a ship and set sail, to take down a tent (2 Cor. 5:1–8), and to unyoke a beast of burden (Matt. 11:28–30).

Simeon’s song is a missionary hymn

Simeon's Prophesy

The stone,

The sign,

and the sword.

A life waiting for Christ is not wasted.

Finding Christ brings great Joy

Seeing is not believing, believing is Seeing.

To behold Christ should lead to worshiping Him.



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