The American Family

May 22, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Joshua 23:3–5 |


    The American Family

    Joshua 23:3–5

    Tidal Changes in the Family

    Diversity in the Family

    Deferred Marriages

    Downsizing of the Family

    Dual-Income Families

    Day Care Centers



    4 Principles to Remember about the Amercian Family

    Culture Changes but God’s Word Does Not

    The American Family May Be Different but It Is Not Dead

    We Cannot Escape Our Culture but We Don’t Have To Be Shaped by It

    God Specializes in Making Beautiful things out of Something Broken

    (Great material and several direct quotes were used as basis for this outline via

    Jeremiah, D. (2001). Home Improvement: Study guide (pp. 14–15). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.)

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