Tell the Story

January 27, 2019 ()

Bible Text: 1 Kings 19:19–21 |

Tell the Story

1 Kings 19:19–21

God Wants Us to Tell the Story

  1. Tell the Story inside the Church


  1. Tell the Story outside the Church.

(Find Your One)

  1. Tell the Story to the World.


  1. Tell Your Story of God’s Working in Your Life.


Tell of how God Saved You and how God Has Changed You and How God Is Changing You

Tell of How You are Trusting Him.

Elijah and Elisha

Elijah found Elisha

He offered to pour his life into Elisha.

Elisha's life was changed forever.

Relationship with Family.

Relationship with Business.


Following Christ involves a break with the past.

Following Christ involves taking someone with us.

Following Christ with others is always God’s plan.

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