Amazing Gifts of Christmas – Hope

December 13, 2020()

Bible Text: Luke 1:67-80 |


Amazing Gifts of Christmas - Hope

Luke 1:67–80

Human Situation

Luke 1:5–25

400 years of Silence

Terrible Political Situation

Awful Religious scene

An Angel Visits a waiting people

Two Pregnant Women

Two Special Babies

No Prophet in 400 years

Unbelieving Priest made Mute

Hope out of the Darkness

How Can 2 babies bring Hope?

  1. God came Himself - Immanuel vs. 68
  2. God came as a Redeemer vs. 68
  3. God is able vs. 69
  4. God will win the battles / He will be victorious vs. 71
  5. God fulfilled the promises He made / You can trust the Bible vs. 72
  6. God is not Done vs. 71, 74
  7. God remembers His people vs. 72
  8. God sent a prophet to proclaim the good news vs. 76
  9. God wants people to know who He is vs. 72, 78
  10. God provided the ability for His people to live holy and righteous lives, serving God without fear (Luke 1:74–75)


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