All Around the Cross

March 18, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 27:26-44 |


All Around the Cross
Matthew 27:26-44

1. The Rulers
Passed Judgment on Jesus

2. The Soldiers
Mocked and Tortured Jesus

1. They scourged Christ (Matthew 27:26).

2.They humiliated Christ before a hundred or more soldiers (Matthew 27:27).

3.They stripped Christ and put a scarlet robe on Him (Matthew 27:28).

4. They put a crown of thorns on the head of Christ and a reed in His hands (Matthew 27:29).

5. They bowed and ridiculed the claim of Christ to be king (Matthew 27:29).

6. They spat upon Christ (Matthew 27:30).

7. They beat Christ on the head with the reed (Matthew 27:30).

8. They stripped Christ of the kingly robe and put His own robe back on Him, aggravating the wounds.

9. They forced Christ to carry the cross until He was exhausted (Matthew 27:32).

10. They enlisted a Gentile to help with the cross of Christ (Matthew 27:32).

11.They escorted Christ to a terrible place for execution (Matthew 27:33).

12.They gave Christ vinegar mixed with gall (Matthew 27:34).

13. They crucified Christ (Matthew 27:35).

14. They gambled for the clothes of Christ (Matthew 27:35).

15.They sat down and stared at Christ (Matthew 27:36).

16.They shamed Christ and reproached His claim again (Matthew 27:37).

17.They added shame and reproach by crucifying Christ between two thieves (Matthew 27:38).

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