Be Our Guest Next Weekend | HVC News | 10-23-2022 | 21 Days of Prayer Week 3

This week we finish our 21 Days of Prayer leading into our Be Our Guest Day push for 100 people in service. Keep up your daily praying as we head into our biggest evangelistic weekend of the year! Grab a handout in the lobby.

FILL IT UP! Every ball represents someone invited! We need about 50 more balls in the tank!

Big Day 2022

Pastor Fender with the Lord Please remember Joy and the Family in the days ahead.
Memorial Service – November 5

Weekly Budget Need – $3,140
General Fund Received  – $4,673
Last Week Over Budget – $1,973
Yearly Over Budget  $26,745

2022 Missions Giving $20,925

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October Memory Verses

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