Revitalization Weekend – March 6-8

Revitalization Weekend – March 6-8


Pastors and Church Leaders’ Resources

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Overview of Saturday Sessions

Saturday Schedule 2-14-15 (All Sessions were Recorded and Available Below)

David CroweBrad RansomJim McComas
9:00History of FWB 1, 2, 3Effective Outreach


Power of a Basket


10:00How to Recruit Volunteers

4 Steps to Successful Ministry


11:00Creating a Wow! Factor in Your Church7 Traits of Highly Successful Ministers


1:30Structuring your Church for GrowthExamining the Body


2:30Looking at Your Church from Another PerspectiveGuaranteed Principles for Church Failure



Service at 7 on Saturday night. David Crowe preaching and  Jim McComas is singing .

 Expanded Schedule

David CroweBrad RansomJim McComas

History of FWB 1

David Crowe is known as one of the foremost historians on the Free Will Baptist denomination of our day. He has one of the largest libraries of historical Free Will Baptist documents and books in existence.

His passion is to bring this history to our Free Will Baptist Pastors and their congregations in interesting, easy to understand presentations. One of the keys to getting to where we need to go is understanding where we have come from.

This seminar on the History of our denomination will give a greater appreciation for our heritage.

Effective Outreach

Having an effective outreach system for you church is the only way your church will see sustainable and consistent growth.

Without an intentional outreach strategy churches will fall into maintenance mode and the baptistery will dry up along with the hope of having a local church that really makes a difference in the community.

This seminar will challenge church leaders to understand the importance of outreach in the local 4 church as well as give practical ideas of actual outreach events that you can use in your church.

Power of a Basket

In the Book of Acts, the life of a young Christian convert by the name of Saul was saved because some unnamed disciples lowered him to safety in a basket.

This message challenges Christians on the very high priority that needs to be placed on Soul Winning and Discipleship – somebody’s life is counting on it!


How to Be Successful in Ministry

Culled from many years as a successful Pastor along with many years of very fruitful evangelistic work, Brother David shares very practical ideas for the Pastor and Church leader that will help put them on a path that will produce lasting results for the Kingdom of God

How to Recruit Volunteers

The church is one of the only organized institutions in existence that operates using such a large force of volunteers compared to paid staff. Volunteers are essential to the success of any local church.

Most churches struggle with having enough volunteers to cover all the ministry positions in the church. Often pastors resort to begging and pleading from the pulpit for volunteers to “serve” in various ministries.

This seminar will help the pastor and other church leaders know how to recruit high level, qualified, volunteers without begging and sounding desperate.

4 Steps to Successful Ministry

There are many books and seminars discussing the secrets to Church growth and successful ministry. With a common sense, down to earth, “back to the basics” style, this lesson covers four key elements that every Pastor/Preacher/Teacher/Christian Ministry Leader must operate with in order to successful in their work for the Lord.

11:00History of FWB 2

Creating a Wow! Factor in Your Church

When visitors show up at your church for the first time do they feel welcome and like some really expected them to come? When visitors show up do they feel valued? Do they know where to go and what to do?

There are so many questions that churches need to consider when preparing for first time visitors. “Creating a Wow Factor for your church” teaches leaders the necessity of critically looking at the church’s facility, programs, systems and more.

This seminar teaches leaders how to create a great “first impression experience” for visitors, which will cause them to want to return for a second and third visit.

7 Traits of Highly Successful Ministers

Stephen Covey revolutionized the business world with his “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”. This seminar puts a spiritual twist to the concept and highlights seven characteristics that are present in the lives and ministries of those who have been mightily used of God.

1:30How to Be Successful in Ministry

Structuring your Church for Growth

Church structure is inherent to every church and sets potential for growth and breaking growth barriers. Church structure is the process that allows your church to progress, make change and implement new systems and repair old ones.

Churches can have great systems but without the correct structure they cannot be implemented. This seminar will help church leaders see the main structures in churches, identify where their church is and learn how to make adjustments that will allow their church to grow.

Examining the Body

A comprehensive spiritual Check-up for the local Church. The Church is described in the Word of God as a body. This seminar takes the patient to the Doctor for a “complete physical”.

A comprehensive exam that looks at every area of the local Church, from the pulpit to the pew and everything in between, finds the areas of need, comes up with a plan of action on how to implement the changes needed, and then gives helps on how best to make the change come about.


From the examination, to the medical prognosis, to the plan of action.

2:30How to Be Successful in Ministry

Looking at Your Church from Another Perspective

Systems are the essential organizational parts that make up every church. Just as the human body has systems (circulatory, muscular, neurological, skeletal, etc.) the church has essential systems that must be in place in order for the church to be healthy and grow.

These systems include outreach, assimilation, teaching, stewardship and more. If these systems are not functioning properly or they are nonexistent, the church will eventually break down and not be able to fulfill its intended purpose: reaching the lost.

This seminar explores 8 essential systems that every church needs to have to be healthy.

Guaranteed Principles for Church Failure

Inspired by a trip to the local Dairy Queen, this seminar seeks to take a lighthearted look at how Church’s often make it more difficult for prospective members rather than easier.

A powerful discussion on road blocks churches put up that hinder Church growth.


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