This Week at HVC | 11-14-2021 | A Spirit of Gratitude!

Our annual Thanksgiving Tuesday Praise is just a few days away. Put it on your calendar! 

Wear your Christmas apparel. Eat some cookies. Drink some hot chocolate. Prepare for Thanksgiving with your church family!

Homecoming 2021 Photos

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Weekly Budget Need – $2,700
General Fund Received  – $2,735
Weekly Over Budget – +$35
Yearly Over Budget $6,732

Year to Date Missions Giving 9/21 – $13,423

Click on the image below to download screen savers for our

November Memory Verses

Wednesdays at Hardin Valley Church
6:30 PM Live and In The Word – Facebook and Youtube –

Hands-on 7 -8 PM with our Young People. Fun, Games, Food, and time in the Scriptures. 

Wear your Hardin Valley Shirts, Fun prizes for bringing your Bible and a friend too!

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