Why We Should Be Thankful for Grace

November 27, 2016 ()

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    Why We Should Be Thankful for Grace

    Titus 2:11–14


    Grace is God’s unmerited favor towards wicked, unworthy sinners by which He delivers them from Hell and from a life of sin.

    Remember, Jesus Christ is not only God in the flesh, but grace incarnate as well. (SeeTitus 3:4-5)


    The point of the grace of God is to save men from the corruption and damnation of sin



    1. Debilitates and crushes human life
    2. Separates sinners from a holy God
    3. Continues like an incurable and fatal disease in unredeemed mankind


    The grace given by Christ by His first coming where He died for our sins and rose again gives us the opportunity to receive God's salvation.


    Grace Centered, Christ Purchased Salvation

    1. Saves us from the penalty of sin(v. 11b)
    2. the power of sin (v. 12)
    3. Saves us from the presence of sin (v. 13)
    4. The passion/possession (v. 14) of sin.


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