Why Should I Be Concerned About Being Generous?

February 10, 2019 ()

Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 8:6–16 |

Why Should I Be Concerned About Being Generous?

Psalm 24:1

Top Ten Reasons
1. It’s all mine anyway. Why should I give?
2. I give elsewhere.

3. Tithing is not in the New Testament.
4. God will provide through other people

5. My gifts don’t really count.
6. I don’t trust preachers.

7. I only give to projects I like.
8. I have no control over my finances.

9. I will tithe when I can afford it.
10. I’m afraid to.

Our commitment is first to God then to others (church).
Commitment is not automatic.

Commitment always begins somewhere.

The very essence of worship is to return to God what he has entrusted to you.

He knows what we have to give.
He knows what we give.

He cares about our giving.
He knows what we do from surplus and from sacrifice.

4 Levels of Giving

Example of the Old Testament

Before Abraham
Before Law

The tithe is the floor and not the ceiling.

It is a numerical starting place to begin my grace giving journey.

Example of Christ

He sacrificed a spiritual existence for a fleshly existence

He sacrificed the presence of God for the presence of men.

He sacrificed the beauty of heaven for the streets of earth.

He sacrificed His blood for my sins!

I will live generously

Commit to Give God the First of My Time

Daily Bible Reading and Prayer, Faithful church attendance, priority of family, finding a place of service

Commit to Give God the First of My Talents

Commit to Give God the First of My Treasure

God gave me everything I have, I am just managing it for Him.

I will live and give generously.

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