Who Do You Trust?

February 24, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Jeremiah 17:5–8 |

    Who Do You Trust?

    Jeremiah 17:5–8 ; Malachi 3:10–12


    Am I going to live like the world, basically trust in myself, become independent and do my own thing?

    Or am I going to live under Christian principles so that God has more of me?

    The issue is not your talent, your time, your abilities, or your money.

    The issue is - Who do I trust in?


    Bible characters who passed the trust test:

    1. Noah Genesis 7:6 (building of the ark)
    2. Abraham Genesis 22:1-2 (sacrifice of Isaac)
    3. Joshua Joshua 5:1 (crossing the Jordan)
    4. David I Samuel 17:37-39 (fighting Goliath)


    Noah trusted in God, not the familiar.

    Abraham trusted in God, not personal feelings.

    Joshua trusted in God, not methods.

    David trusted in God, not man’s armor. * Maxwell



    He will provide for us. (v. 10)

    In the area I obey  God blesses.

    In the area I disobey  God disciplines.

    He will protect us. (v. 11)

    Our lives will be attractive to others. (v. 12)


    Can I trust Him to fulfill this promise?




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