The Song for the Worthy One | Revelation 5

October 22, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 5 |


The Return of the King

The Song for the Worthy One

Revelation 5

5 Great Hymns of Praise

  • Quartet - vs. 8
  • 24 elders - vs. 10
  • Harps - 5:8
  • Angels - 5:11
  • All Created Beings - 5:13

Search for Worthy Redeemer (5:1-4)

Seven Sealed Book

Title Dead of the Earth

The Scroll

The Search

The Selection of the Worthy One (5:5-7)


God is sovereign over all.

Jesus is the worthy one.

The saints will reign with Christ.

We should worship God.

The Song of the Worthy One (5:8-14)

The long-anticipated defeat of sin, death, and Satan is about to be accomplished and the Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth in triumph and establish His glorious millennial kingdom.

The curse will be reversed, the believing remnant of Israel will be saved, and the church will be honored, exalted, and granted the privilege of reigning with Christ.

Chapters 6 and following will unfold the ominous events of the Tribulation and describe the outpouring of God’s wrath on the earth. Over and over from this point on, what occurs will be described in terms of God’s wrath and judgment as an outpouring of His holy and righteous character.

Singers (5:8)

Fell Down


The Song to the Worthy One (5:9-10)

  1. He Was Slain on cross
  2. Redeemed us by His blood
  3. Made us a kingdom/kings
  4. Made us Priests
  5. We will reign

Seven-Fold Superiority of the Worthy One (5:10-14)

  1. power
  2. riches
  3. wisdom
  4. strength
  5. honor
  6. glory
  7. blessing

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