The Power of Righteous Obedience | Matthew 1:19, 24-25

January 2, 2022 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 1:19, 24-25 |

Christmas At Home – The Power of Righteous Obedience

Matthew 1:19

Matthew 1:24-25

  1. Try Before You Buy
  2. Better to ask for Forgiveness, than Permission
  3. You Have Your Truth, and I Have My Truth

What Lessons Does Joseph Teach Us?

1. The ability to obey God does not depend on age.

2. Sexual Restraint before marriage is possible and honors God.




“Joseph was faithful to his future spouse in advance, awaiting marriage, and he expected the same in return.”

3. Marriage is more than love, it is about costly commitment.

  • Adultery and Infidelity are always sinful.
  • Divorce may be justified, but always leaves wounded people.

4. Trust God enough to obey him.

  • Joseph values commitment to God above his own honor.
  • Joseph’s obedience to God cost him the right to value his own reputation.

5. Jesus is the Savior, the one who changes sinful lives (1:20–21).

"For Matthew, and for us, salvation from sin cannot end with a prayer. Matthew promises salvation not only from sin’s penalty but also from its power. "

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