Tell Your Story – How can I live a life without regret?

May 5, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 119:9–16 |

Tell Your Story

Psalms 119:9-16


How can I live a life without regret?

How can I live a life that pleases God?

When you don't take into account that what you are currently doing will be harmful or disastrous down the road.

Psychologists have a term for it: discounting the future.

I Want To ...

  1. I want to live pleasing to God (Psalm 119:9)
  2. I want to stay pleasing to God (Psalm 119:10)
  3. I want God to teach me from His Word (Psalm 119:12)

So I Will ...

  1. I will be devoted to the Bible (Psalm 119:10)
  2. I will memore the Bible  (Psalm 119:11)
  3. I will share the Bible (Psalm 119:13)
  4. I will delight in the Bible  (Psalm 119:14-16)

G. Campbell Morgan

The best thing—“thy Word”

Hidden in the best place—“my heart”

For the best purpose—“that I might not sin against thee”



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