Take Your Story With You – Ministry to Your One

August 11, 2019 ()

Bible Text: 2 Timothy 2:1–6 |


Take Your Story With You – Ministry to Your One

2 Timothy 2:1–6


God Wants Us to Tell the Story

  1. Tell the Story inside the Church (Discipleship)

  1. Tell the Story outside the Church. (Find Your One)

  1. Tell the Story to the World. (Missions)

  1. Tell Your Story of God’s Working in Your Life. (Growth)

Saved You

Changed You

Is Changing You

You are Trusting Him.

Renew – Be Strong

Remember – What You Have Been Taught


Everyone needs a Paul, Barnabas, and A Timothy






I will gather my strength from Christ to serve Him each day.

I will not be offended that it is hard, because I know it is a battle.

I will labor, knowing that the harvest is worth every effort.

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