Someone Needs You to Tell Them About Jesus

August 16, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 16:9-12 , Philippians 1:1-2 |


Someone Needs You to Tell Them About Jesus

Philippians 1:1-2

Acts 16:9-12


In Christ (10x/10v)

Rejoice (9x/7v)

Joy (7x/7v)

Gospel (9x/8v)

Mind (6x/6v)

Humble/humility (4x/4v)

Work (8x/7v)

Love (5x/5v)

Live (4x/4v) / Life (4x/4v)

Pray/prayer (5x/4v)

Confident/confidence (5x/4v)

Lord (15x/15v)

Jesus (22x/21v)

Christ (37x/35v)

Joy and Rejoicing in Philippians

Reference Paul …

1:4 prays with joy

1:18 rejoices that Christ is proclaimed

1:25 will remain living on earth, for the Philippians' joy in the faith

2:2 asks the Philippians to complete his joy

2:17-18 is glad and rejoices with the Philippians

2:28 sends Epaphroditus, that the Philippians might rejoice

2:29 tells the Philippians to receive Epaphroditus with joy

3:1 tells the Philippians to rejoice in the Lord

4:1 tells the Philippians they are his joy

4:4 tells the Philippians twice to rejoice in the Lord

4:10 rejoiced in the Lord at the Philippians' concern for him

Someone Needs You to Tell Them About Jesus

God wants you to Serve with Joy

Acts 16:9-12

God Wants to Save People and Give them Joy

Religious People - Acts 16:14-15

Wretched People - Acts 16:15-18

“Normal” People - Acts 16:19-34

God wants you to Suffer with Joy

Acts 16:19-25


  1. There is Present victory over circumstances

Anyone can sing when he or she escapes from prison, but Paul sang in prison.

  1. There is also Future reward.

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