Soldier On

November 8, 2015 ()

Bible Text: James 5.7-11 |

    Every believer needs that kind of patience, endurance, and long-suffering that enables us to put up with their hardships without retaliating against others or giving up on the character of God.

    We Soldier On ...

    1. Because of the Bond we share with other believers.
      1. I need you
      2. You need me
      3. We need to go forward together, especially in difficulty.
    2. Because the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back
      1. He will come to claim His own
      2. He will come to judge believers and sinners
      3. He will come so we must leave each day like it is that day
    3. We Soldier on Because of the examples we have
      1. The Farmer
      2. The Prophets
      3. The Man Job

    Each of us must remember that our hearts are the critical battlefield in the war against discouragement and defeat.

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