One Church that Changed the World

November 5, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 13:1–12 |

One Church that Changed the World

Acts 13:1–12

  1. Church built on Word of God


  1. Church focused on Worship of Glory of God Vs. 2

Witness to the World was born in Worship to the Church - Platt

People passionate about the Glory of God will be Passionate about spreading the Gospel of God! - Platt

Worship always leads to Witness - Platt

God is Worthy of all Glory!

  1. Church led by the Spirit of God

There are more important things than our comfort!

  1. Church obeying Mission of God

Willing to send best they had

Willing to give the best they had

Pray for God to call young people

Pray for God to call retirees

One measure of success is not in seating capacity but sending capacity - Greear

  1. Church enabled by Power of God Vs. 7

We Want to see what only God can do.

One Church Can Change the World



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