Joy is Expressed in Hopeful Prayer

September 6, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Philippians 1:3-11 |


    Joy is Expressed in Hopeful Prayer

    Philippians 1:3-11

    What are the elements of thankful prayer that demonstrate joyful living?

    1. Joy of Remembering the People of God
    2. Joy of Interceding for the People of God
    3. Joy of Partnering with the People of God

    4. Joy of Knowing that Christ is Completing the People of God

    Salvation is a Divine work

    Salvation is a Noble work

    Salvation is a Powerful work

    “God … is not like men. Men conduct experiments, but God carries out a plan. God never does anything by halves” William Hendriksen

    God's work of grace qualifies men for work for God.

    5. Joy of Loving the People of God

    He Loved them. They stood with him.

    What Robs Us of Joy?

    1. False Salvation
    2. Satanic Influence
    3. Not understanding God is in control.
    4. Prayerlessness
    5. The emotional low that frequently follows a spiritual high.
    6. Focusing on the circumstances.
    7. Ingratitude
    8. Forgetfulness
    9. Uncontrolled Feelings
    10. Unwilling to forgive or accept forgiveness
    11. Unconfessed, unrepented sin.

    (List Adapted from Macarthur commentary on Philippians)

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