How Did Jesus Come?

March 13, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Luke 4:18–19 |


    How Did Christ Come?

    What was his method and message?

    Luke 4:18–19

    His Message Should Be Our Message

    1. His Method Should Be Our Method


    The 1st word for “Preach” in vs. 18 means to bring good news or to evangelize

    The 2nd word for “Preach” in vs. 18 and 19 means to herald or proclaim

    Because we have Hope in Christ and from the Death and Resurrection of Christ, we should be sharing the good news that there is Hope and proclaiming it with authority to those in need.

            2. His Message Should be Our Message


    It is a Thrilling Message

    It is a Truthful Message

    It is a Targeted Message

    It is a Time Based Message

    Isaiah 61:1–2 

    Genesis 6:3 ; John 14:6


    1. You do not have any time but the present to repent of your sins.
    2. You do not have any time but the present to share the message of Hope and forgiveness with others.
    3. You can make a difference in the lives of others because Christ made a difference in your life.

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