How Can I Be Generous?

February 7, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Luke 9:57-62 |


    How Can I Be Generous?

    Luke 9:57-62
    What is STEWARDSHIP?

    Stewardship is the proper management of my life in order to enhance God’s Kingdom. It is the recognition of His Lordship in my life.

    Why Preach a Month on STEWARDSHIP?

    Nearly half of born-again Christians (47%) agree that Satan is "not a living being but is a symbol of evil."

    31% of born-agains also believe that if a person is good enough they can earn a place in Heaven.

    24% of born-agains agree that "while he lived on earth, Jesus committed sins, like other people."

    15% of born-again Christians claim that "after He was crucified and died, Jesus Christ did not return to life physically."

    About one out of four (26%) born-again Christians believe that it doesn't matter what faith you follow because they all teach the same lessons. (e.g. Hindu, Buddhism, Islam, etc.)

    Roughly 95% of all Christians never lead ONE person to Christ.

    Although most believers say that serving the needy is important, just 34% gave any time and/or money to serve the poor in the last year.

    One out of every six born-again Christians (16%) gave no money to his/her church during previous year. The proportion who tithed to their church was just 8%.

    Christians spend 7 times as much time on entertainment as they do on spiritual activities.

    In a nationwide survey among born-again adults, none of the individuals interviewed said that the single, most important goal in their life was to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus talked about money 16 out of 38 parables: 1 out of 10 verses in the Gospels.

    The Bible devotes around 500 verses on prayer; less than 500 verses on Faith; but over 2,000 verses on money and possessions.

    Reasons To Have a Stewardship Month

    1. We are not in a budget crunch.

    Stewardship is not about raising money, it is about God raising His children.

    2. People will get upset and leave.

    I have never met anyone who gave with a joyful heart who left over messages on stewardship.

    3.The church will grow financially as it grows numerically.

    John Maxwell “Church Giving: The last thing to arrive at church and the first thing to leave.”

    5 And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.

    Commit to God
    Commit Here

    Jesus is Asking for a Commitment Today from you about you. He wants your time, your talents, your treasure, and your testimony.

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