Four Reasons To Not Be Afraid

October 30, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 1:17-18 |

    Four Reasons to Not Be Afraid

    Matthew 28:1-20

    Rev. 1:17-18

    1. Jesus Christ Is All-Powerful and Gentle

    One Day Soon, You and I will see what John saw Face to Face

    The Bible constantly shows Jesus with people who are lonely & tired & rejected, people who are depressed & stressed out in life.

    1. Jesus Christ has Conquered Life and Death

    He Says "I AM the Living One"

    I Became Dead

    "But Now, I AM alive forever and ever"

    1. Jesus Christ is Eternal

    He says "I am the First"

    He says "I am the Last"

    1. He Holds the Keys to Death and Hell

    If you have repented of yours sins and placed your faith in Christ, you have every reason to not be afraid

    If you have not become a Christ follower and have the assurance of a changed life, then you have every reason to be afraid.

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