Fixer Upper – Men of Courage Needed

April 23, 2017 ()

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 10:11–14 |


    Three Truths


    We Need Godly Men

    Love God

    Love Truth

    Live Holy


    We Need Men to be Men

    Lead by Example

    Live Faithfully


    Men Need Other Men






    From The Resolution for Men

    The physical absence of fathers is now considered the most significant family and social problem facing America.


    The research is staggering. Prisoners, drug users, dropouts, runaways, and rapists all share something in common. The overwhelming majority of them come from homes without a father.


    If a man doesn’t set boundaries and learn to say “no,” his work priorities will constantly pull him away from his wife and children whose hearts are reaching for him.

    This affects how a child thinks. “If my earthly father loves and cares for me, then my heavenly Father loves and cares for me. If my father means what he says, then God means what He says. If my father would die for me, God would die for me.”


    They learn their identity from you. When your kids are young, they don’t know who they are, what is right or wrong, or who God is. They don’t know how to live life. But kids naturally go to their dads for answers to their biggest questions: Who is God? Who am I? Am I loved? Am I a success? Do I have what it takes? What is my purpose in life? And if dads don’t teach their kids


    1. Our generation desperately needs courageous men to step up.
    2. We need men who will not be swayed by the culture or afraid of criticism.
    3. We need men who are resolved to lead their families no matter what.
    4. We need men to teach sexual purity to their sons and daughters so that more children won’t enter the world without married parents.
    5. We need men who stick to their marriage vows and cry out for God’s help to love their wives rather than giving up during difficult times.
    6. We need men who refuse to sacrifice their families for the sake of a promotion at work.
    7. Men who refuse to let entertainment eat up all their time and deaden their consciences.
    8. Men who will speak out against laws and philosophies that are destroying families.
    9. Men who will forgive their dads, break the chains of the past, and set new standards.
    10. Men who will pray for their pastors and for revival in their churches and make decisions that will strengthen the next generation.
    11. We need to be these men.
    12. And we need one another!
    13. When strong men work together, they can accomplish amazing things.

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