Five Kernels of Blessing | Psalm 103:1-13

December 3, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 103:1-13 |

Five Kernels of Blessing*

Psalm 103:1-13

1. The Kernel of Forgiveness (vs. 3)

This forgiveness is a…

  • Promise of the Father
  • Provision of the Son
  • Proclamation in the Bible
  • Required practice in the church

2. The Kernel of Redemption (vs. 4)

Psalm 40:2,3

3. The Kernel of Healing (vs. 3)

  1. All healing is divine healing
  2. This verse doesn’t say that God heals everyone’s diseases, but that He heals all diseases.
  3. Remember the Psalmist is speaking to his soul.

4. The Kernel of Love and Compassion (vs. 4)

5. The Kernel of Satisfaction & Renewal (vs. 5)

* The story from the Mayflower Compact and the resulting Biblical blessings came from an article I read from Bruce Howell.


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