Dead Church in Need of Revival | Revelation 3:1-6

September 3, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 3:1-6 |


Dead Church in Need of Revival

Revelation 3:1–6

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

•Treating the past as the hero;

• Refusing to adapt to the needs of the present community;

• Moving the focus of the budget inward;

•Allowing the Great Commission to become the Great Omission;

• Letting the church become preference-driven out of selfishness and personal agendas;

• Seeing the tenure of the pastors decreasing;

• Failing to have regular, corporate prayer;

• Having no clear purpose or vision; and

• Obsessing over the facilities.

“When Does My Church Need Revival?” Stevan Manley

Six tell-tale signs of a church standing at death’s door:

  1. The church is plagued with disagreements.
  2. The preaching is ineffective.
  3. Few can remember when a person was last saved.
  4. God’s supernatural power is never seen.
  5. God is not praised regularly.
  6. No one is being called into God’s work. (Herald)

Five Marks of a Dead Church – Charles Swindoll

  1. A dead church worships its past.
  2. A dead church is inflexible and resistant to change.
  3. A dead church often has carnal and lazy leadership.
  4. A dead church neglects children and youth.
  5. A dead church lacks evangelistic and missionary zeal.

1. The City (3:1a)

2. The Correspondent, Jesus Christ, the Judge (3:1b)

3. The Church (3:1c)

  1. Holy Spirit
  2. Spiritual Leaders (Preaching Word)

4. The Concern (3:2-3)

5. The Commands (3:2-3)

Command 1: “Be Alert-Wake Up!”

Command 2: “Strengthen What Remains”

Command 3: “Remember What You Have Received and Heard”

Command 4: “Keep It”

Command 5: “Repent”

6. The Commendation and Confession (3:4-6)


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