Born to Die – The Birth of Christ is a Miracle

December 11, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 1:18–25 , John 5:18 |


    Born to Die – The Birth of Christ is a Miracle

    Matthew 1:18–25 ; John 5:18

    The Miracles of the Jesus’ Birth

    He would be the God – Man (The Incarnation)

    “The Christian faith is predicated on the fact that God was conceived and born in a human womb…it is the foundation of Christianity.  If you tamper with that … you have a false religion.” - John MacArthur

    Galatians 1:8–9

    He Would be Born of a Virgin

    John 5:18

    Isaiah 7:14

    He would be born according to Old Testament Prophecies (vs 22-23)

    Genesis 3:15

    He would be accepted by His step-father Joseph (24-25)

    He would be the Savior (21-23)


    1. You don’t need to “look” for a miracle, God has already provided you one.
    2. There is no way to be a follower of Christ and reject the virgin birth
    3. Jesus is not a good man, HE is the God-Man
    4. God requires all men to be born twice – once naturally and once supernaturally. He wants to change your life

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