A Vision of the Glorified Son | Revelation 1:9-20 

July 23, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 1:9-20  |


A Vision of the Glorified Son

The Return of the King

Revelation 1:9-20

What is Jesus like now? How does He look? Act?

The better our understanding of who Christ really is, the quicker we’ll respond in submission and obedience.

The greater our willingness to submit to Christ, the deeper will be the truths He reveals to us - Swindoll

1. Suffering and Service are worth it because of Jesus Christ (vs.9-11)




Purpose “Endurance”

2. Seeing the Glorified Jesus is life-changing

His Presence in the churches

His Portrait

High Priest



Christ’s holiness

Christ’s all-knowingness

Christ chastises sin in the church

Christ’s authority

Christ’s control of church leaders

Christ’s judgment on the church’s enemies

Christ’s glory

His Plan

"What you have seen” - Revelation 1:9–20

“What is” - Chapters 2–3.

“What will take place after this” Chapters 4–22.

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