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Resources to help you and your family answer LGBTQ+ propaganda and indoctrination.

Rosaria Butterfield and Christopher Yuan:

The Christian Sexual Ethic (Seminar)

Homosexuality and Transgenderism-Voddie Baucham

Beyond the Rhetoric Applying Biblical Truth to the Homosexual Debate: Modern Sodom – Voddie Baucham

Pastors Sam Ketcher and Kelly Greene interview Stephen Black (part 1 & 2)

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Stephen Black’s Testimonial – From

Homosexuality to Holiness

(Alisa Childers and Christopher Yuan)

Side B Christianity and the Revoice Conference, with Christopher Yuan

(Alisa Childers and Rosaria Butterfield)

Biblical Sexuality: Will We Find Freedom in Christ or in Our Feelings?

Rosaria Bitterfield: Repentance and Renewal

Why I No Longer Use Transgender Pronouns- Rosaria Butterfield…/why-i-no-longer-use…

What became of sin? Let’s call LGBTQIA+ movement what it is. -Dr. Everett Piper…/what-became-of-sin…

Great Excerpt

In Openness Unhindered her most valuable contribution regards repentance. However, she also addresses the difference between failure and humility, and how the modern church seems to somehow often blur the lines between these two very different issues.

“Repentance is not just a conversion exercise. It is the posture of the Christian.”
“When the law reveals my sin, God’s grace compels me, fuels me, inspires me to repent, knowing that it is against God as well as others that I have sinned. You can’t bypass repentance to get to grace. Christ is manifest in our humility, not in our disobedience.”

“When we confess sin, we own it. This means that sin does not come with a defense attorney who provides all of the excuses for why what God calls sin is ‘really a grace in my life.’ It means that just because I like to think of myself as a ‘hot-headed Italian’ does not mean that God gives me a free pass to yell at my kids. It means that my propensity to yell is not even related to my national heritage but rather to my heritage in Adam. I yell because I am a sinner and for no other reason.”

“‘Failure has become’ as Jen Wilkins says ‘A virtue.’ Her excellent blog piece exposes the danger of this new glamorization of failure, but there is not one moment in the Bible when we see failure as a virtue. And anyone who conflates humility with failure, fails to understand the importance of the first term and the seriousness of the second.”
Butterfield included a healthy dose of G.K. Chesterton in this book. Here are two quotes:
. “G.K. Chesterton makes sin analogous to a rhinoceros. ‘If a rhinoceros was to enter this restaurant now, there is no denying he would have great power here, but I should be the first to rise and assure him that he had no authority whatever.’”
Another quote by G.K. Chesterton on : “We make our friends. We make our enemies, but God makes our next-door neighbor. We have to love our next-door neighbor because he is there. .”

This next quote is probably her most thought-provoking, and I am still rolling it around in my mind, working through my level of agreement. “The rich man [Luke 16:27-28] begs for the souls of his brothers. Even souls in Hell indirectly make known God’s glory by revealing their conscious understanding of their evil. Hell is evidence that every knee will bow. So why is sin worse than Hell? Hell vindicates God as our righteous Judge, while sin separates us from Him.”