Marriage Minutes – September 2023 Inappropriate Behaviors…

Adrian Marsh

Inappropriate Behaviors

  • Calling your spouse inappropriate names. (Especially in front of the kids and others)
  • Making assumptions: (Get the full story before you reacting)
    • Assuming motives and meanings without facts is reckless and unfair to your spouse!
  • Mind reading: (Don’t try to read your mate’s mind, and don’t expect them to be able to read yours)
  • Laying on guilt: In a word,” manipulation!” Bringing up the past and other mistakes your spouse may have made over time is emotional blackmail.
    • If you have forgiven them, stop bringing it up. 
    • Understand that you bring it up because you never forgave them. 
    • Ask – What if God kept bringing up your past every time you sin?
  • Attacking your spouse’s family:
    • Like it or not, you took on more than your spouse when you got married. 
    • Your mate’s family is just as important to them as yours is to you. 
    • If family is not essential to you, you might want to do some deep soul-searching and prayer.
  • Talking in absolutes and using the word “you” inappropriately:
    • Such as “you always“, “you never
    • Try to build up your mate with the word “you”
      • I love you
      • I miss you 
      • You are a blessing
  • Rejecting or discrediting your spouse (Especially in front of friends, church family, and the kids)

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