Marriage Minutes – October 2023 – More Marriage Myths

Adrian Marsh

Free couple holding hand image

More Marriage Myths

  • “If he/she really loved me, they would know what I want!”

(Communication is a key ingredient in any relationship.)

  • The quality of time we spend together as a family is more important than the quantity of time we spend together as a couple.

(Family time is great, but couple time is needed too. Kids are not the #1 priority in a marriage, the couple is)

  • Having a baby will bring us closer together.

(If you can’t get along as a couple, the stresses of raising a child will make things way more difficult)

  • Times of crisis make a marriage stronger.

(Crises will occur, but they primarily expose the strength of the marriage)

  • My personal happiness is the most important thing in life.

(A Christian needs to remove “I, my & me” from their vocabulary. Following Christ and serving your mate should be your primary concerns.)

Resource Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:5-13

We all need to operate under these principles as husbands and wives (and in so many other relationships). Your motivation to do anything should be rooted in love.

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