Marriage Minutes – August 2023 “Aquila and Priscilla (Teamwork)…”

Adrian Marsh

Aquila and Priscilla (Teamwork)…

For some couples, knowing how to complement each other, capitalize on each other’s strengths and be an effective team can seem to be so natural. Their united efforts affect those around them and they glorify God in all they do together. The biblical couple Aquila and Priscilla seem to be that kind of couple. They are never mentioned separately in the Bible, but they each had their own uniqueness about themselves.  The Bible describes them as a marital team that operated in their marriage and in ministry as one. Here are some things to consider when serving God as a married couple:

• Couples with a strong marriage can minister and mentor other couples

• They can be an example of God’s love for mankind (sacrificial)

• They can bless others with their home (Aquila and Priscilla hosted Paul, Apollos and they were one of the first couples to host small group or home church activities)

• Live out a life of forgiveness and seek to be forgiven (admit your wrongs and ask for forgiveness from your mate)

You can read more about this faithful couple in Romans 16:3-5; 1 Corinthians 16:19, and 2 Timothy 4:19

Let us not focus on what sin does to a marriage, instead look to see what God’s grace can do to help a couple create a oneness that becomes like second nature. 

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