Friends & Family Day | Trunk or Treat | Anniversary Sunday | Hospitality Month

How much candy do we need? LOTS! Bring yours on Sunday. Last Week’s Offering
October is Pastor Appreciation Month!Missionary Moment – John & Etsuko Martin
Trunk or Treat – October 28Friends and Family Day – October 29!
Anniversary Sunday – November 5Youth Retreat – 11/18-19
Revelation: The Return of the King!Pizza with Pastor – Week Two
October is for Hospitality Revelation: The Return of the King
Verses for October
100 in Attendance
5-7. Setup begins 3:30
Join at least two folks for coffee or pie, to join you for a sandwich, or to watch a game! Show your love for your church family!

Hospitality—welcoming others to share our homes and lives—can take place in the space of five minutes with little prior preparation.
It can be practiced over McDonald’s coffee or PB&J or no food at all.
It can happen in an untidy house or at the neighborhood pool.
Whenever we invite someone into our lives for the good of the body of Christ, we practice hospitality. It’s not about being perfect—not even close. Each guest should realize we care about them. And that’s important.
Hospitality is more than entertaining.

Weekly Budget Need – $3,140
General Fund Received $3,461
Last Week Over Budget – $321
2023 Yearly Under Budget – $-13,509

2023 Missions Giving (August) $15,140

Week Two of Pizza with Pastor gathering was full of laughter and food! So thankful for these folks who came! Looking forward to SEVERAL more! 

Hospitality continues during October. The Marshes had several folks over for Sunday lunch. Oaklie approves! 🙂

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The Song of the Worthy One – The Return of the King | Revelation 5 | Rodney Holloman

This Sunday, we continue our Sermon Series on the book of Revelation – Click here for the previous sermons.

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