Stories of Hope: Wade Tipton | Father’s Day 18th | Welch College Music Group 21st | Hayley Shower 24th

Baby Shower Announcement 6/24
Rejoice Music Team – 6/21
Marriage Minute, Marriage Enrichment Seminar
Offering Update

If you have a gift for baby Oaklie Rae, please get them to Dawn Ward and she will coordinate delivery to the Diffins. You can also drop your gift off in the church lobby.

Continue to pray for baby Oaklie Rae. She is still in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. Pray for momma Tiffanie, daddy Pheonix, and sister Melodie, too!

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June Marriage Minute from Adrian and Lisa Marsh
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Weekly Budget Need – $3,140
General Fund Received $3.148
Last Week Over Budget – $8
2023 Yearly Under Budget – $-8,931

2023 Missions Giving (April) $7,049

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June Memory Verses

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