Cookout Photos | Relationships | Father’s Day 18th

Memorial Day PhotosBaby Shower Announcement 6/24Rejoice Music Team – 6/21Marriage MinuteOffering Update Great time at Memorial Day Cookout!Click here for more photos! Continue to pray for baby Oaklie Rae. She is still in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. Pray for momma Tiffanie, daddy Pheonix, and sister Melodie, too! Check out thisJune Marriage Minute from Adrian… Read More ›

Rejoice! Ministry Team | June 21, 2023

The Rejoice! Ministry Team will share a collection of both sacred choral selections and Gospel songs designed to evangelize and encourage. What an honor it is for us to come to your church and worship with your congregation. Our intention for coming is three-fold. First, we want to praise the name of Jesus Christ. Second, we want to… Read More ›

Welcome Oaklie Rae Diffin

We join Pheonix and Tiffanie Diffin in celebrating the birth of Oaklie. She came a bit early (and with a headful of hair), so she is at the NICU wing at Children’s Hospital. Per the family’s wishes, we will postpone the baby shower scheduled for May 20th to a date to be determined in the… Read More ›