6.5.15 Vacation Bible School is Here!

6.5.15 Vacation Bible School is Here!

Vacation Bible School is Here!

1. Pray.

Use every meal time to pray for the services, outreach, and follow up! Pray for Larry and Tulsa Hudson by name that God would use them.

2. Extra Offering.

As those of you know who were at our Business meeting, we are running behind for 2015 in our Budget AND in our cash on hand. We are asking everyone to not only give but to bring an extra offering to help with the expenses of our speaker for VBS.

3. Workers.

We still need workers for all four volunteer areas. Please sign up on Sunday AM or call the church at 865-670-4188 to leave a message with where you can serve.

4. Invite.

We have flyers at the church and we are going out tomorrow at 10 AM. The link for inviting is here at https://www.facebook.com/events/1094326993917854/

5. Tee Shirts.

If you ordered a Tee Shirt, they are in and available on Saturday and Sunday for pickup. You can make your check out to the church.

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