2019 Christmas Offering

2019 Christmas Offering

Click here to read the Christmas Letter 2019 andsee the missionaries that we will be supporting witht he money we receive. Thank you for your generoisty.

Please be praying for our year-end giving and our Birthday Offering for Jesus.

God has enabled us to do so much in His name this year without touching our savings even though our giving has been off badly the last 4 months.
If God’s people will be faithful, give generously, I know we CAN finish strong, give to our missionaries, and even maybe handle a new project or two like replacing our sound equipment.

Will you pray with me?

We need some to give over a thousand dollars, some to give $500, some to just give a “double tithe” and all to participate.

If we will give over and above our regular tithes and offerings, we will not only meet our goal but help our missionaries.

You can give online here. Choose Christmas Offering when given the option.

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